Free Travelling Workshops 2018

Date: Wednesday, May 9th to Friday, June 1st, 2018

2018 Workshop Topics:




Grade 9 Physics Electricity and Circuits
Grade 9 Earth and Space Science Space Exploration and Rocket Design
Grade 10 Physics Light and Optics
Grade 10 Climate Change Sustainable Energy Systems
Grade 11 Chemistry Chemical Reactions wwith Acids & Bases
Grade 11 Physics Electricity and Magnetism


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Teacher Comments:

"Great workshop, great activity."

"Instructors are knowledgeable and created a relaxed learning environment."

"Interactive , informative, information, curriculum related!"

"It was an excellenet workshop, our grade 11 students enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!"

"Loved the activity. I was impressed that you have three different choices to meet the needs of the classes. Good Job!"

"The Gr. 11 Chemsitry class is currently learning themrochemisty and the change in enthaply, so the thermodynamics activity worked well."