Comments from Parents

  • "This experience has been the highlight of [my child's] summer. Instructors were outstanding: committed, kind, inspiring, knowledgeable and helpful. Projects allowed for insightful learning and fostered further inquiry and enthusiasm. A wonderfully productive, intellectually stimulating and utterly enjoyable way to spend a part of one's summer. Thank you so much!"
  • "Based on what I heard from my son, the dynamics between the students was fantastic. Hats off to the instructors for making each day a great experience."
  • "He had a wonderful time in both the workshops and after the workshops. The after workshop time was equally as important to me as it was my son's first time away from home. Being safe and learning to be on his own in a new situation was an important learning experience for him."
  • "Thank you for offering this program. Our daughter had a wonderful experience, enjoyed residence life and spoke very highly of the councillors and instructors. The tours in general and Reactor tour were well received."