Comments from the Instructors

  • " It was cool to see a group of up and coming first year engineers work really hard to accomplish  a goal, and consequently, reap the reward of a lower work load."
  • "I had the time of my life working at L.E.A.P..  Running the mechatronics stream was a rewarding experience, and I am proud of how much each of my students learned in their two or four week stays; all of the students enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about what it is like learn in a University environment.  The planning and coordination aspects were challenging, but iit was worth it to see how well the students responded to the program we created. My stay in residence was also something I will never forget.  The Headstart students gained anintroduction into residence life, and the younger students learned a little about independance.  I recommend a residence for any future instructors and students so they can all receive the full L.E.A.P. experience."
  • "L.E.A.P. was an enriching experience for students as well as the staff. All the students were very bright and enthusiastic and had fun learning during the course of the program. It was a great opportunity for me to interact with them and in this position I developed various skills that are definitely going to help me in future. I would like to thank Carm for providing me this opportunity and I would also like to give my best wishes to L.E.A.P. so it continues to grow in the coming years."
  • "Working as an undergraduate counselor for L.E.A.P. 2007 was an awesome experience. The students were bright, friendly, and eager for a challenge! My grad counselor was very helpful with planning the schedule and providing a research perspective in the lectures she presented, and her contacts within the department led to special guest lectures, tours, and upper-year level labs. By the end of the summer, I had seen images of individual atoms taken by the world's most powerful scanning transmission electron microscope, located here at McMaster, and actual parts drawings for Zenon Environmental's industrial water filters at their assembly facility. It was amazing fun working with the other undergraduate counselors, and I am sincerely appreciative of the great experience I had at L.E.A.P. this summer."
  • "My role as the instructor for L.E.A.P. 1P03 Headstart allowed me to broaden my teaching abilities, and get important feedback for the 1P03 course. All of the students enjoyed the projects and learning the design theory, with many creative ideas being produced. Many of the unique ideas put forward were generated from different backgrounds and experience, and shows the importance of thinking outside the box to get to the best solution."
  • "L.E.A.P. provided me with an excellent summer employment opportunity while allowing me to grow as an individual. As a counselor, I learned a substantial amount about leadership and teamwork through the development and implementation of L.E.A.P.'s engaging engineering program."