Information for Students


  • L.E.A.P. is a hands-on, think-outside-the-box program where learning is exciting and interactive.
  • Each day of the program starting at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. you will engage in lectures given by undergraduate students and professors to help you understand the concepts needed to participate in the activities.
  • Learning is second nature in the classrooms here. Understanding comes with using what you know and applying that knowledge to your projects.


About L.E.A.P.

  1. What do I bring with me to camp?

    All students need to bring:

    - Paper (note pads, notebooks, or binders)
    - Pens and Pencils
    - Waterbottle
    - Lunch and/or snacks
    - Closed toe shoes*
    - Long pants*

    * long pants and close-toed shoes are mandatory for labs. Without these articles of clothing, students will not be able to participate in lab activities.

  2. What type of environment can I expect to be learning in when I get to campus?

    You will be participating in labs and lectures that undergraduate science and engineering students use regularly. Interact with graduates, undergraduates and professors in groups and one-on-one each day.

  3. What are some of the past activities?

    Building catapults with a limited amount of material, electromechanical robots that move and make their own decisions, designing and building a golf machine (mechanical driver), and making/testing bridges are just some of the activities that students have enjoyed doing in past camps.

  4. What type of courses can I choose from?

    L.E.A.P. offers seven streams: Engineering 101, Science 101, CodeMakers, Structure, Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Engineering Technology, Engineering Physics and Bioengineering.


Residence Students

  1. What do I bring with me to residence?

    - Toothbrush and toothpaste
    - Shampoo
    - Towel
    - Hairbrush
    - At least one week's worth of clothing
    - Laundry detergent
    - Bathing suit

    *Bedding & linens will be provided.
    Bring extra spending money for the nighttime/weekend activities. Also, you may want to bring your laptop, computer, stereo, movies, board games, CD's etc. to make camp feel a little bit more like home.


Commuting Students

  1. Where can I purchase lunch while at camp?

    Students will be taken to food locations on campus each day by their daytime camp counselors. Students will be shown all locations where food can be purchased on first day of camp tour.

  2. Can commuting students join the residence students in their extracurricular activities?

    Yes, students are encouraged to get to know each other better by participating in the residence program activities. The transportation and activity costs are the students' responsibility.