LEAP 2015 General Activities

Introduction to First Year Engineering

Arlene Dosen, Manager, Recruitment & Communications for the Faculty of Engieering, will be giving a brief presentation informing students about life as a first year engineering student at McMaster. They will discuss entrance requirements, first year courses, stream specialization and other information integral to life as a first year engineering student.

Engineering and Society: Presented by Cam Churchill

Dr. Cam Churchill, Program Chair of Civil Engineering, will talk about how engineers play an important role in today’s society. Through developing new technologies and infrastructures they help shape the growth and development of society. Cam Churchill will explore the basic principles behind how engineers interact with society and discuss how young engineers can impact the world around them.

Engineering and Management

Students will be given the opportunity to explore the business side of engineering and will discuss concepts behind creating their own products and running their own business.

Industry Tours

LEAP is proud to offer exciting and captivating industry tours to our students during the summer. These tours showcase the daily activities of engineers and allow students to see what the typical work environment of an engineer is like. LEAP is the only program that gives students the opportunity to view and experience various engineering workplaces, and speak with industry experts about the numerous responsibilities that an engineer deals with on a daily basis. This experience will allow students to make more informed decisions on the programs they want to study in their post-secondary education. Previous industry tours have included facilities such as: Fabris, GE and RWDI.

And Much More....