LEAP 2017 General Activities





Engineering Information Session:
Manager of engineering outreach office to learn what it takes to get into the university engineering program at McMaster. With a fun and interactive session students will learn about admissions requirements, what engineering streams are available at McMaster, and how they can set themselves apart to stand out in their application to McMaster’s faculty of engineering.

Engineering Co-op Session:
Manager of the engineering co-op and careers services will explain how hands on engineering experience is very useful in helping students decide what path they want to go down. In this session, students will be informed on the impact and benefit co-op has in an engineering degree. Information regarding resumes, cover letters and interview tips and tricks will also be shared. The engineering co-op and careers service provides students with helpful advice on how to ramp up their engineering degree!

Engineering Management Session:
Are you interested in how a business is run? Have you ever wondered how a team of engineers is managed?  At McMaster University, students have the option of choosing management as part of their degree. This session will explain the benefits of this opportunity that brings together the technological problem solving of engineering with the organizational and planning skills needed in management. Together engineering and management are a powerhouse for up and coming enterprises.


Engineering and Society Session:
Do you want to make the world a better place by engineering sustainable designs? McMaster University students have the option of choosing society to be part of their degree. This session will show students the important interaction between technology and society and how students in this field can use this unique integration to improve engineering all over the world.

Industry Tours:
LEAP is proud to offer exciting and captivating industry tours to our students during the summer. These tours showcase the daily activities of engineers and allow students to see what the typical work environment of an engineer is like. LEAP is the only program that gives students the opportunity to view and experience various engineering workplaces, and speak with industry experts about the numerous responsibilities that an engineer deals with on a daily basis. This experience will allow students to make more informed decisions on the programs they want to study in their post-secondary education. Previous industry tours have included facilities such as: Fabris, GE and RWDI

Research and Graduate Studies session:
McMaster University is a large research driven post-secondary school. Here at McMaster, engineering students can use what they learned in their undergraduate degree to pursue graduate studies and be involved in leading research. In this session, students will be exposed to the possibilities after a degree in Engineering, they will see that not all engineers go on to work in industry, but rather continue their education through experiments and research!


WHMIS Training:
At LEAP we students get an amazing opportunity to use the labs that professors and students use. To be able to work in these labs, students must undergo a WHMIS training core done by the Environmental & Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS) office at McMaster. Students will informed of the risks associated with working in the different university environments and will be able to work safely.

...and much, much more!