Electrical & Mechatronics Engineering - Grades 10 to 12

Think about the computer you're reading this on right now. Have you ever wondered what went into making this possible? The answer to the question lies right at the heart of Engineering Technology. Everything from the computer architecture to robots was designed by electrical and computer engineers. This stream dives deep into the world of electronics to give you a taste of what technology is all about. Computers used to take up entire rooms and require massive amounts of power. Today, you can hold a phone in the palm of your hand with vastly more processing power than ever before. In this stream we will explore various aspects of Engineering Technology to learn a little more about how electronics work, and where we can use them to improve society.


McMaster's Computer Engineering Department

McMaster's Computing & Software Department


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New Curriculum:

Droning On and On

Drones are becoming more and more popular in technology and in the news, but what are they? A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of being controlled by a remote control. Essentially, it’s a flying robot! It’s capable of taking aerial pictures and videos but is even able to speed up delivery systems by flying the packages to their destinations through GPS systems embedded in the drone. For the first time at L.E.A.P., students will get the opportunity to make drones from scratch and use them for various purposes such as aerial pictures.

The Sound of Electricity

Ever wondered if you could play electric keyboard in a band? Well, maybe not. But maybe you’ve wondered if could make your own electric piano from scratch? Here’s your chance! Musical tones are the result of different frequencies of sound. Different frequencies can also be created in an electrical circuit by varying the amount of resistance and stored charge in the circuit. With a couple additions to the circuit, these frequencies can be redirected to travel through to a speaker where they can be turned into musical tones!

Rockin’ Rover

The Opportunity Rover landed on Mars on January 25th, 2004, as part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover program. The program was designed to analyze the red planet to see whether or not there is or over has been life on Mars and to characterize its geology and climate. The reason the rover is such a successful piece of technology and robotics is because it can be controlled from a very far location such as Earth to perform tasks that would be far too difficult or dangerous for humans to do. This summer at L.E.A.P., students will get the opportunity to design a robotic arm for a new rover capable of sorting different rocks based on their colours, to better understand the geological landscapes on foreign planets such as Mars.

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