Codemakers++ - Grades 9 to 11

Codemakers++ is a program designed to introduce students to the world of computer science and software design. The program covers the basics of web-development and game design using JavaScript, html5, Java, Arduino and much more. We will explore the technology industry, make games and learn how to use algorithms in this exciting, interesting and relevant coding program.

McMaster Computing and Software


New Curriculum:


Develop your own video game
You’ve probably played games at one point, they’re on your phones, tablets, consoles and computers. But have you ever wondered how they work? What really goes into making our favourite games? We’ll start learning the basics of level design, character design and game mechanics to make your very own game!

Intro to 3d game design
Virtual reality is the new craze, and the future of gaming. In this project, you’ll learn how to take your 2D game elements into a whole other dimension with 3D modelling software. You’ll see how much work goes into some of your favourite games!

Why Computer Science?
A computer science or software engineering degree is extremely versatile meaning there are many different directions you can go with your degree that you might not have expected. Learn what you can do with a degree in computing and get a head start on the foundations such as algorithms, cryptography, open source programming and basic computer science theories.

Explore with Raspberry Pis
Raspberry pie is an amazing dessert, especially when topped with ice cream. Aside from that, they’re also really cool tiny “computers” called microcontrollers that you can build just about anything with! Learn how they work and make a hardware creation of your own.

Make your own website
Websites come in all different varieties! Whether they play videos, connect you to friends, or just display information websites are the foundation to the internet. Learn what goes into making a website and make your own and simple or complex as your heart desires!

Throughout all these activities students will learn about the fundamentals of computer science, such as algorithms, binary, the software design process and much more!