The Learning Enrichment Advancement Program (Gr. 9-12)


Engineering 101

All Engineering Disciplines
(Grades 9 to 10)

Science 101

(Grades 9 to 10)


Chemical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
(Grades 10 to 12)

Civil, Materials & Mechanical

Civil Engineering, Environmental, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
(Grades 10 to 12)

Engineering Technology

Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics & Software Engineering
(Grades 10 to 12)



2015 DATES

Session 1: June 29 - July 10

Session 2: July 13 - July 24

Session 3: July 27 - August 7




Hey everyone! We are very excited about this upcoming summer at LEAP. Currently we are busy creating a new curriculum that will give you a taste of what engineering is all about and why we love it. No matter what stream you choose to go into you will leave with new skills and a better understanding of the world around you. Whether it is learning how to write code, create different types of reactions in our bio-chemistry labs or designing and testing your own structures and mechanisms. We will give you an understanding of the scientific theory but focus on the hands-on applications to give you the chance to create innovative designs of your own. In addition, you will get an idea of what the university experience is like with our engineering student instructors and on-campus facilities, including the option to stay in residence! If this sounds like something that is interesting to you please check out the 2014 Annual Report to learn more about the things we do and hopefully we will see you this summer!