The Learning Enrichment Advancement Program


At L.E.A.P. our aim is to expose the youth of today to the possibilities of tomorrow. By showcasing McMaster University’s Engineering Faculty, we are able to introduce high school students to a variety of career options that they may not have found elsewhere. We are dedicated to the development of creativity, innovation, and excellence while encouraging critical thinking, personal growth, and a passion for learning. It is our duty to break the limitations and stereotypes of our times and inspire young men and women to pursue new understandings of science, mathematics and technology.


Engineering 101

Find out how engineers use the laws of math and science to create the things you use every day. Learn about each type of engineering and design your own projects using what you have learned.

Science 101

Information to come!


Find out how engineers use biology and chemistry to design and create life saving medicine and high tech prosthetics.

Structures & Mechanisms

Learn how to build the strongest structures and the most efficient machines. Also, find out how engineers are working to make our world more sustainable.

Engineering Technology

Ever wonder what is going on in your computer? You will find out and create your own circuits and software.